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    Powerline Vietnam is an importer and leading distributor of industrial laundry equipment USA . We work together and collaborate with professionals technical experts in the USA to find best solutions to meet the demand of clients and any their space. We understand the importance and benefits of nurturing the values, approaches and applications of modern technology in the world. Therefore, Powerline equipment - the perfect choice for you.

    Short Introduction of the leading brands in the USA - Powerline

    Powerline leading manufacturers, famous worldwide for producing providing dedicated laundry facilities. As one of the leading manufacturers in the US, Powerline produced and marketed with many different models and capacity of each year, from the small capacity laundry equipment serving for the laundromat to the high-capacity laundry system  service for industrial garment factory and industrial zones, mining enterprises, military barracks and hospitals…

    All Powerline devices are designed and application of modern technology in the world, produced under the line under the strict management of quality, meet all high international quality standards . For the aim: powerline products is the perfect and most effective when reach end users.

    Strengths of  laundry machine Powerline:

    + The perfect combination between efficiency and durability of the product

    + Stability: Operating smoothly, long life

    + Highlights: Class Design, modern and smart

    + Strong Structure

    + Reliable: powerful, energy-saving, efficiency can not be surpassed.

    Powerline Vietnam is proud to be the sole distributor of leading brands in the USA- Powerline

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