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Hardmount industrial washer/ extractor 56.7 kg HI 125 Powerline

Hardmount industrial washer/ extractor 56.7 kg HI 125 Powerline 

- All parts in contact with wash solution of 304 (18/8) stainless steel
- Advanced Microcomputer. PC programmable. Programs can be transferred with 
memory cards.

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Hardmount industrial washer/ extractor 56.7 kg HI
Hardmount industrial washer extractor 38.6 kg HI 85 Powerline

1./Large robust Door with an oversized door opening

Loading and unloading are fast and easy through the oversized door that opens 160 degrees away from laudry carts. The door is constructed of stainless steel and built with an oveisize stainless steel hingle for extra strength and durability and is located at a convenient height for laundry carts. 

2./Robust energy efficient drive

The machine is provided with a single totally enclosed standard motor that is controlled electronically by a variable frequency drive, which makes the machine control simple and very flexible.

3./ Powerful control system

The control system is the most flexible control system yet developed for the stand -alone commercial and industrial washer in the industrial and has a proven track record for reliability.

4./ Power and reliability at qork - bearing and seals

The machine are provided with spherical roller bearings mounted is cast steel housings, The bearings are located outside of the wash solution and will not be damaged if the seals leak


Model: HI-125
Brand: Power line
Assembled in Thailand
Capacity: 56.7 kg
Overall Dimensions
Width(mm): 1370
Depth(mm): 1615
Height(mm): 1670
Cylinder Information
Diameter(mm): 1067
Depth(mm): 610
Volume(cu.m): 0..54
Door Opening and height
Door opening Diameter (mm): 508
Height of door Bottom above Floor (mm): 656
Drive Information:
Number of motor: 1
Size of motor: 7.5 kw
Cylinder Speed 
Wash:36 rbm
Distribution: 58 rbm
Extract 1 : 260 rpm
Extract 2 : 580 rpm
Water Inlets and consumption
Hot water size(NPT): 1”
Cold water size(NPT): 1”
Additional water inlet(NPT): 1”
Average Hot water consumption cycle(l): 103
Average Cold water consumption cycle(l): 226
Drain oultlet and Capacity:
Number of Drain:1
Drain size(mm): 76.2
Drain Capacity(l/min):1625
Steam Inlet and Consumtion:
Steam inlet connection (NPT): 1”
Steam pressure (Bar): 8
Steam consumption ( kg/hr): 169
Electric consumption  (kW): 36
Net weight (kg): 630
Original: USA